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When visiting Turkey, a Museum Pass Card can provide you with numerous benefits and can be an excellent strategy to save money and optimise your time.

There are only a few alternatives accessible, yet it can be confusing to choose which one is the best match for you.

These city passes are highly sought-after tourist cards that grant you free access to the major national parks and archaeological sites throughout your visit to Cappadocia.

To assist you in determining the best fit for you, we have created a helpful guide with a comparison table of the useful Museum Pass Cappadocia or MuseumPass Turkey options.

Let’s dive right in!

Cappadocia Museum Pass Options: A Comparison Table

See the Cappadocia Museum Pass comparison table below for a quick overview of the most popular museum pass options, including their services and benefits:

Museum Pass Cappadocia

Museum Pass Türkiye


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museum pass türkiye -cappadociatouristinformation







3 Days

15 Days


Digital Pass

Digital Pass



From 65€

From 165€

Details of Museum Pass Cards Options

1. The Museum Pass Cappadocia Costs 65€

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Museum Pass Cappadocia is an all-inclusive sightseeing pass for Cappadocia and popular among Cappadocia travellers.

This museum pass offers free access to visit over 10 museums and archaeological sites that are maintained by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the journey through history will be enjoyable for you, and you will be able to take pleasure in it. This pass cots 65€ for adults.

What Does the Museum Pass Cappadocia Offer You? 

  • Free admission to over 10 of Cappadocia's top attractions. Includes Cappadocia's major national parks and most popular tourist destinations like Göreme Open Air Museum, Dark Church, and the world's biggest underground cities. 
  • Museum Pass Cappadocia is valid for 3 days starting from your first museum visit.
  • You can only access each museum once with a Museum Pass Cappadocia card.
  • Digital Card: you can don’t need a physical card.

With the Museum Pass Cappadocia, you can make the most of your time in Cappadocia by accessing flexibility, savings, and an unforgettable trip.

Where Can I Buy the Museum Pass Cappadocia ? 

You can easily purchase your Museum Pass Cappadocia Card from the official Turkish Government website here! 

Alternatively, it’s possible to buy the city pass at major museums in Cappadocia, like the Göreme Open Air Museum, Kaymaklı Underground City or Nevşehir Museum.

If you have an internet connection on your phone, you don't need a physical ticket!

Check out our article for more information about Turkey e-sim.

2. The Museum Pass Türkiye Costs 165€

museum pass türkiye -cappadociatouristinformation

If you are traveling around Turkey and visiting other cities besides Cappadocia, this card is for you.

Museum Pass in Turkey offers you the opportunity to visit the 350+ museums and archaeological sites for free that are protected by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism all over the country. 

This card is valid for 15 days, starting with the first time you use your pass to get into the museum. This pass costs 165 for adults.

What Does The Museum Pass Türkiye Offer You? 

  • Free admission to over +350 of Turkey’s top attractions
  • Like the Cappadocia Pass Card, it Includes Cappadocia's major national parks, museums, and most popular tourist destinations. 
  • Also included are the other biggest tourist attractions all over the Turkey, like Topkapı Palace, Galata Tower, Thermesos archeological site, Göbeklitepe archeological site and many more.
  • Museum Pass Cappadocia is valid for 15 days starting from your first museum visit.
  • You can only access each museum once with this museum pass card.
  • Digital Card: you can don’t need a physical card.

Where Can I Buy The Museum Pass Türkiye? 

You can easily purchase your Museum Pass Türkiye from the official Turkish Government website here! 

Alternatively, it’s possible to buy the city pass at major museums in Cappadocia.

You do not need to exchange with any physical card.

Conclusion: Which Museum Pass Card for Cappadocia is best for you? 

museum pass card Cappadocia- -cappadociatouristinformation

Which Museum Pass Card for Cappadocia is best for you depends on factors like your personal preferences, the length of your stay, the types of activities you're interested in, and your budget.

  • If you are looking to save money, the Museum Pass Cappadocia is the most cost-effective alternative because it allows you to attempt more than +10 attractions in 3 days.
  • If you want to visit as many attractions as possible, then the Museum Pass Türkiye is an excellent choice for you. It includes over +350 attractions all around Turkey for 15 days.

FAQ About the Museum Pass Cards for Cappadocia

Are there discounted Museum pass options for children and youth?

Turkey has discounted museum admission for 7–12-year-olds. A pass might not be needed for kids travelling with you because their entry fees are already lower. Free for kids under 6 at most places.

How can ı get my MUSEUM PASS Card?

  • Pick it up at the Major Museum Card offices: You can request your card at any major museum in Istanbul or Cappadocia.
  • Or you can buy an e-sim and use your museum pass cards online without any problems.

Are the Museum pass Cards cheaper on site in Cappadocia?

No, the museum pass cards are not cheaper on site in Cappadocia. Rather, it is possible to find special offers online from time to time.

Can I visit an attraction multiple times?

You can visit each attraction once. Repeat entry is not allowed in any museum pass card for Turkey.


Prices for a museum pass card in Cappadocia and Turkey range from 65€ to 165€, depending on the inclusions and validity period.

Now that you have the information to make an informed decision, you are ready to choose the best city pass for Cappadocia for your needs.

To further plan your vacation, be sure to check out our other articles about Cappadocia, which include recommendations for hotels, tips on how to plan your trip to Cappadocia, and a comprehensive guides to the Kayseri Airport and Nevşehir Airport.

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